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Pete Wilson writes about gaming for CrazyFun. He was turned onto this game during a corporate retreat where it was part of a bonding experience recommended by Lafayette maritime lawyers he worked with in Louisiana. Filing legal actions on behalf of maritime workers injured on the job is a taxing experience, especially confronting both the seriously injured workers and the garbage put up by the Louisiana corporations responsible for protecting their workers coming out of Lafayette. These are legal warriors whose battleground is the court system. So a break from the stress is a welcome release and play battles of the game are genuinely fun. Here’s his take:

Imagine for a moment, if you will, that you have just been dropped into a battle zone. There are enemies all around you and your only task is to stay alive. A task which is nearly impossible given the environment and the number of enemies in the arena with you but you intend to give it all you’ve got none the less. That is what it is like when you first try the “Shoot me if you can” experience. It really can be a rush if you enter the experience with an open mind and have a semi-active imagination.

The first time I tried the game was a planned business outing. We got the whole office together in the name of healthy competition and sportsmanship. My boss always goes on about the value of some healthy competition, as I’m sure your boss does from time to time. He is always coming up with something to bond us together. You know make us a more cohesive unit because a close office is much more productive than one with very few ties to one another…

We were all asked to meet and given nothing but the location so we showed up not even knowing what to expect at all. As I said our boss did this sort of thing from time to time so I knew there would probably some physical activity and the there would be competition involved. The instant the game was explained to me, I was hooked. I could not believe it. This game took what I loved about laser tag or paintball and improved upon it vastly.

Let’s take for example one of the alternatives I just mentioned. Starting with paintball let me tell you some of the major selling points of this new game. Primarily, I don’t have to get hit by a high speed paintball to play even if I lose. Secondarily? Well after that do we really even need a secondarily?

Now let’s discuss for a moment the other option, laser tag. At least with this option you don’t have projectiles hurling towards your face at high velocity however there are still some drawbacks. Anyone who has ever gone to play laser tag knows you play in the dark. There always seems to be low lighting in these places. This can be a good for hiding and sneaking around but it also limits where the game can be played. You are never going to meet up in a heavily wooded area or wide open desert area so that you can play laser tag. This means that the arena is always small even if you happen to know where there is a large one somewhere near you.

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