Experience II

Honorable mentions: Game Design: Sam Dunn, Sound Design: Thomas Hinks, Animation: Peter Towns, Animation: George Connow, and Promotion: Andrea Watts.

Because of the format used in the Shoot me if you can experience, you can forget about some of the highly limiting aspects of gameplay which effect paintball and laser tag.  There is no projectile heading your way threatening to inflict heavy damage upon any flesh it might hit. There is no messy clean up after the game because of paint splatters. There is just game time fun until it is over then you can move on to some of those incredibly important things that we know you have to take care of without worrying about an hour long clean up session when it’s all done. You can also play it in any sized arena. There are no more limitations because you are stuck playing in a spruced up, dimly lit warehouse. You can schedule the experience for anytime or place that catches your fancy.

These advantages really help with the gameplay as well. You can imagine some of the massive games we play for hours on end. This is really one of the most fun things I have ever done. Let me walk you through one or two of the game formats we like to play under. We do capture the flag most often. Playing this game we split the players into two teams. Each team is given a flag and asked to position the flag in hiding on their side of the arena somewhere. They can then either set up a stronghold and wait for the other team to attack, they can go on the offensive and attack the other team pre-emptively, or they can make a hybrid plan involving a little defense of their flag along side the offensive strike taken as well. Depending on the size of the arena, this game can literally be hours and hours of fun.

Another popular game we all enjoy is 1 vs. 100 format where the player takes on all comers. There are no real teams but alliances have been known to be grudgingly formed to improve their odds of success but these almost always end in betrayal or sabotage of some sort. When it comes right down to it this is really a chaotic game which can be played in an hour or two almost always. There is much less strategy when it is a dog eat dog kind of game.

Both games are tremendously enjoyable to play and there several other variations as well. I have spent a lot of hours playing the game and I intend to continue as long as I get the chance. Not only that but I also spread the word about the game to all of my friends whenever I get the chance. I really do love it.


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