Online Bingo

Let’s get one thing perfectly clear: I’m a red-blooded Manly Man. I eschew romantic comedies, diet food, shoe-shopping, and using the word “eschew”. When I go online, the last kind of website that I want to spend time at is one that drips with pastel colors, cute cartoon graphics, and references to Sex in the City.

Having said that, I have to sheepishly admit that I’ve had a blast playing online bingo.

I wasn’t exactly receptive. My few 20th Century experiences with bingo had been rather dismal glimpses of blue-haired ladies hushed and huddled around folding tables in the church basement. Not exactly the type of extreme gaming environment to which I aspired.

I noticed recently that many of the bingo sites I used to find easily are no longer ranking well in Google. I looked into this a bit because I also have a website that has fallen for many of its important keywords. Now my rank loss is nothing compared to an established bingo site disappearing. But the whole concept of using Google to get a website found, and then learning that your site might get penalized – just blows my mind. I found this website that is focused on google penalty solutions – plan on spending some time reading this. Hopefully the penalized bingo sites are reading that info. I also observed that some gaming sites are ranking better and more consistently than bingo sites. For example, I noticed that online slots are doing much better and appear to hold their ranks more reliably than bingo sits. I don’t know if it’s just me, but some of the online slots affiliates seem to perform better showing off their listings of recommended online slots than similar aggregators of bingo sites. Check out this one. Online slots are much simpler games and although both bingo and slots rely entirely on luck, the complexity of bingo is much more rewarding in my view.

But I digress. The main topic here is the image of bingo that has been changing drastically as the internet brings us a new and improved bingo.

So I checked it out. At first, I saw more or less what I’d expected to see. Yes, the age range was definitely lower than the blue-haired set (like myself, online bingo largely attracts women in their 20s and 30s) and the designs were much more high-tech than you might expect (though understandably bright-colored and a bit cartoonish).

If you think about it you will soon come to realize the advantages associated with online bingo. Let’s just think about it for a minute. What are some of the major drawbacks of playing a regular game of bingo in person. First, you have to attend. There is always something good to be said about being able to stay home to do something. It saves time and gas money. In addition, it always seems like the prizes for Bingo are lacking in value. The reason for this is the overhead associated with the game. You have to have a pretty big place to play the game with enough people  that good prizes can be purchased.

With online Bingo you don’t have any of the same restrictions. You can have as many people play in each game as possible. There is no overhead that the profits must be used for. Instead you get to apply most of the money towards prizes rather that running the game.

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