Online Poker Rooms

I probably don’t need to tell you that the first decade of the 21st Century was all about online poker.

Well, okay, some other stuff happened too. Perhaps the world didn’t hold its breath when Chris Moneymaker became the first player to go from online anonymity to World Series of Poker champion, but it sure took notice.

Of course, plenty of people jumped on the bandwagon. Players and companies in countless numbers flocked to the Internet to get a taste of the online poker phenomenon. Tournaments were widely-televised on ‘serious’ sports channels, and poker pros were even featured on reality shows (another dubious trend of the first decade of the century).

Well, the peak has passed — a number of the players and companies have gone, but online poker is still huge to the power of ginormous. Oddly enough (actually, it doesn’t surprise me a bit), most of the major online poker companies weathered the best and worst of the last decade and came out stronger and better than ever. Names like Full Tilt and PokerStars are well-known in WSOP circles, and newer pros such as BoDog and Cake Poker offer a perfect online balance of good old-fashioned poker fundamentals backed by the highest of high-tech security and gameplay software.

That’s right the technology is finally there to protect the games infrastructure and core values. If you should decide that playing online is up your ally you won’t have to worry about hackers or slackers on site working for the poker rooms that may have evil intent. For the most part it has become an easy way for people to spend some time relaxing and blowing off some steam within the comforts of their own home. That is where most of us are the most comfortable after all. with the onset and advancements we have seen with the Internet, it was clearly only a matter of time until we reached the level we are at now. Think about it for just a minute. Right now, you can go online and order anything you want at any hour of the day. Why would poker be any different in the long run?

Any experienced poker player will tell you that you have to find a good game to have a chance to really win any money. First thing you have to do is find a game. If you don’t live in Las Vegas this can be a feat in itself. Once you find a game, you can’t just expect to sit down and play for a while walking away a big winner. What if the other players there don’t even have any money? The Internet brings together a wealth of people who are all there playing at the level they are suited to and you always have access to a good game.

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