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As you can tell, I’m a guy. A dude. A man. I like red meat and fast cars…and when I say football, I’m talking about a game in which a 300-lb offensive tackle is considered a bit underweight.

Not that I really have an opinion about weight. I do work out, and like to stay fit. But who doesn’t enjoy watching a game and having a beer. Work out, eat healthy, stay in shape, and still have fun.

I’ll admit it: until the Internet, I just didn’t do much sports betting. I got to Vegas maybe once every five years, and anything closer was disappointing, to say the least. Sure, I’d go in on a friendly wager with some co-workers or buddies once in a while, but anything more major required hanging out in places (and with people) that made me uncomfortable. Online betting allows you to play from the comfort of your own home. How easy is that? I may be an extreme dude, but I’d rather not have to worry about getting my knees broken over a missed spread.

Speaking of broken bones, I really got into sports betting after I was in a serious car accident. I mean serious enough that I hired a car accident lawyer to make sure I received compensation and damages from the DUI truck driver who nearly killed me. You might think I am loose with money since I do bet a lot, but the fact of the matter is I am not. I liked the idea my lawyer was working on contingency, but considered his 40% take of any settlement as being pretty high. I now admit, he was worth every penny I paid him after the settlement. I also made some nice bucks on my sport bets as I slowly recovered from my car accident injuries.

But I’m really intrigued by how these sites get discovered by me. Seems there’s an industry that’s focused on enterprise search engine optimization, or SEO. This is the science that permits my favorite sports betting sites to show up when we search for them in Google, Bing or Yahoo. The guys who are really good at this make a lot of money because if you can rank a site very well for say ‘sports betting’ that site will get a lot of visitors and voila, make a lot of money. So search is key, and search engine optimization is what makes it all come together when you search for the right keywords.

The best part about online bookmakers is that the situation for bettors can’t be beat. With information moving so fast, the odds and analysis are more up-to-date and competitive than anything that the land-based books could possibly offer, and the mere fact that I don’t have to drive anywhere is a huge plus for me.

I used to be impressed by placing bets from my computer at home…now I’ve moved up to being hugely impressed that I can make all of my bets from my mobile phone, wherever I am! Yup, some of the best online sportsbetting websites now offer full cell phone access, so you can make bets and even follow the action live from your Internet or MMS-enabled mobile device. Think about the huge steps we have taken to get to this point. 20 years ago if someone would have asked me if I would be able to make a sports bet from anywhere anytime on a hand held device I carried with me everywhere I went… I am not sure what I would have said.

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